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The Theatre Development Fund operates 3 “tkts” booths where you can get discount tickets to Broadway and Off Broadway shows. They also have the best site when researching Broadway and Off Broadway shows. In addition they list the face value of tickets on the site so you can see how much you’re getting ripped off by the so-calles “Discount Agencies” when you do a google search.

The tkts booth in Time Square opens at 2:00 PM to sell discount tickets for same-evening shows. People will start lining up a noon. Meanwhile, if you went to the booth downtown by the South Street Seaport, you would have already gotten your tickets and eating lunch with the rest of your afternoon free.  You see the tkts booth at Front and John Streets opens at 11:00 AM.  Most New Yorkers aren’t even aware of the Downtown TKS Booth and the line is incredibly short.

It gets better. The Downtown location sells tickets for same-evening performances AND next day matinee performances. Why wait hours in Time Square in the middle of your day when you can visit South Street Seaport and get discount tickets and make lunch before the booth in Time Square is even open?

Watch the Video.


tkts Booth in Times Square opens at 2:00 PM

The line above snakes around and is 3 deep on both sides of the plaza


tkts Booth Downtown opens at 11:00 AM - 25 people in line at noon

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